About Us

HI there! My name is Michelle, and I am the owner of Lipstick and Tees. I am a graphic designer by trade, and a skincare consultant. I always saw the need for more marketing apparel in my skincare business, which compelled me to open a branding boutique back in 2017.

As I gained my confidence in the graphic t shirt design business, and helped so many other beauty consultants, I expanded my market to a more generalized brand. I recognized the power of social media, and started designing trendy, fashion tees that could speak to more people.

Since then, I have worked with several fashion bloggers and influencers to create unique pieces that fit the fashion industry, and align with what is in style at this very minute, and what is trending.

Fashion speaks volumes, we all know that. Wearing an iconic shirt on your Instagram feed can quickly give you the following that you've always yearned for.

Let me help you brand your style today!

(formerly BrandLove101.com on Etsy)